Highlands Economic Development & Tourism Corp.
(H.E.A.T.) Mission Statement:

The Highlands Economic Development and Tourism Corporation will work to create a well-balanced business environment within the Township of West Milford and the New Jersey Highlands, using the natural wonders that abound within this area to promote tourism and economic development, with the goal of creating a better lifestyle for residents of our region.
We will do this by working with local, county and state agencies through a broad base of educational and promotional programs.
We will pursue public and private grants, where applicable, to advance these goals.
We will support other organizations that express similar goals.

501(c)(3) Non-Profit Charity

"Building a Better Tomorrow"

Seeking New Members 

The Highlands Economic Development and Tourism Corporation (Heat) is currently seeking new members and encouraging the participation of current ones. We are a non-profit 501(c) 3 consisting mostly of local businesses. The mission is simple - to promote a vibrant economic environment and stimulate tourism within the beautiful Township of West Milford and surrounding Highlands area. This is done by organizing events, developing recreational opportunities, promoting local businesses, and championing a pro-business environment in government. 

Tim Wagner, Chairman
Paul Zarrillo, Vice Chairman
Highlands Economic Development & Tourism Corp. (HEAT)

Some of our past initiatives include:

WEST MILFORD – Visitors to the township now will receive a warmer welcome.
The 12 welcome signs placed beside popular roads entering the township from various directions had deteriorated in appearance over time. Once bright, fresh and inviting, the signs had long ago fallen into disrepair. The Highlands Economic Development and Tourism Corp. (HEAT) has replaced all 12 signs. The new versions feature a picture of a West Milford scene and, in keeping with the township’s focus as a center for eco-tourism, display icons depicting the various forms of recreation available in the municipality.

* Decorated Veterans Park for the Holidays * Initiated a Shop Local Program 
* Hosted the Kelly Miller Circus 
* Replaced a number of "Welcome to West Milford" signs. 
* Organized a Christmas Light Contest 
* Donated to a number of local charities 
* Addressed eyesores including the white grit & high weeds 
* Organized numerous recreational opportunities such as the Gromit Dog Hike,Comedy Nights, Wine Tasting and a Bike Safety Rodeo. 
To build on these accomplishments, we have a number of new programs in the works for 2018. 
These include: *Circus *Revitalizing the Shop Local Programs *Oktoberfest *Promoting new community initiatives and events. 

Contact us at:
1616 D Union Valley Rd
West Milford, NJ