Recreation in West Milford


There are quite a few places around the West Milford area to go canoeing. One area would be the Monksville Reservoir which is adjacent to the Long Pond Iron Works, a colonial iron furnace, and is near Ringwood State Park. The Monksville Reservoir was built and flooded in the late 1980s. Another great location to visit if you're interested in canoeing would be Green Turtle Pond. Tucked in a valley with steep mountains on three sides, this is a great place to come on windy days. On either side of the ramp, cedar and red maple can be seen among aquatic plants and grasses.Read more at



West Milford is home to many bike trails for riders to enjoy. Most popular would be Jungle Habitat, located in West Milford, New Jersey, which was a Warner Brothers-owned theme park that opened in the summer of 1972, and closed in October 1976. By November 1972, the park had 500,000 paid visitors. The park contained well over 1,500 animals, a drive-through section and a walk-through section. Many years later, this one time animal paradise is rapidly evolving as a bikers paradise. Home to the Town Cycle H2H race Rumble in the Jungle, the trail network grows almost monthly in the summer months.



Greenwood Lake is located in West Milford, New Jersey. This 1,918 acre lake offers a great variety of fish species including walleye, muskellunge, and tiger muskie! Greenwood Lake is also a popular bass and panfish lake.
Elevation: 630 feet
Shore Length: 68.8 miles
Surface Area: 1,918 acres
Maximum Depth: 57 feet
Mean Depth: 17 feet



Jeremy Glick's Overlooks (named in honor of the

9-11 hero who lived and hiked there) is number one. This hike in the northwestern corner of the township, passing two mountain top lakes and leading through a playground of steep ledges and jungles of rhododendron and mountain laurel, culminates with bird's eye views of Greenwood Lake. To reach the peak, you must weave your way through a dark forest and up some steep ledges. Then suddenly, you emerge out on the open rocks to bright sun and an American flag whipping in breeze. From here you can see mountains, two large lakes and, if you're lucky, catch the sun reflecting off Manhattan's skyscraper windows. Two other peaks in the northwest are Terrace Pond Overlooks and the secluded Boulder Pine Peak. The top of this hike, Passaic County's highest point, yields expansive views of a rugged landscape. And if skies are clear, you can see both High Point and Manhattan, each from different vantage points.



Located close to West Milford is Mountain Creek winter resort offering ski and snowboard terrain for all skill levels. For a list of ski resorts in the area check out the link.


Water Fun

West Milford is a great area to do any kind of boating, jet skiing, water skiing, fishing, and tubing. With Greenwood Lake the size of 1,918 acres there is plenty of room to have a lot of fun.

Mountain Creek also turns into a water park during the summer for all year fun!


Greenwood Lake Airport,

Home of the Annual Greenwood Lake Air Show is located at 126 Airport Road in West Milford. It has a restaurant located right next to the front office which is located under the wing of a Lockheed Constellation. The airport also offers flight lessons to anyone who has ever wanted to get a pilots license and also sight seeing tours for anyone interested in flying over the area!


Horseback Riding

One location to find horseback riding is Echo Lake Farms located conveniently close to Route 23.